New app helps parents track children’s development

Posted at 5:36 AM, Nov 03, 2017

There’s a lot for parents to worry about when you have little ones, but a new app could make things a little easier.

The CDC just released a free app called “Milestone Tracker.”  It allows you to track how your child is developing.

Here are some of its features:

  • Milestone Tracker – It shows you major milestones your child should hit from two months old up to five years.
  • Tips and Activities – You can find tips and activities to help your child learn and grow.
  • When to Act Early – It helps you figure out when you should talk with your doctor about any developmental concerns.
  • Appointments – It helps you keep track of doctor’s appointments and reminds you when you should be getting developmental screenings.
  • Milestone Summary – It gives you a personalized milestone summary you can easily share with your pediatrician.

Click here to download the app. It is free for iPhone and Android devices.