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Homeowner wants to reward kid who returned stolen candy

Posted at 12:10 PM, Nov 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-04 14:03:45-04

Some followed the rules on Halloween night.

The Perry family in Bellflower left out buckets of candy and told kids to take what they wanted but to be considerate of others.

Some of the kids apparently missed the “You’re being recorded.”

“We even got candy for the teenagers. These are the hot candies but they love it,” said Sandra Espinoza Perry.

A few teens tossed out the trick-or-treat rules along with their manners and took the huge box of candy.

“Honestly I was disappointed. It was just the beginning of the night and that box had 40 pounds of candies,” Perry said.

Moments later, one of the boys returned alone with the candy and also cleaned up the mess his buddies made.

“He apologized and you could tell he was embarrassed,” Perry said.

A similar story in San Diego–Kim Manalo posted video of a group of kids snaking her candy but one boy’s conscience got to him.

“There’s not just bad boys out there; there are good ones, too. And I do believe we need to acknowledge the good people there,” said Perry.

Not just acknowledge them apparently. The Perrys have a gift for the boy caught up in peer pressure then caught doing what’s right.

“We have a big reward for him,” she said. “We’re going to give him Universal Studios tickets. We have four.”

She also wants to give that boy spending money. If she can’t find him, and he doesn’t come forward, her next visit will be to all the middle and high schools in Bellflower to find him.