Candidates visit Hampton Roads as election nears

Posted at 2:06 AM, Nov 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-06 13:28:15-05

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - Both Democratic Party and Republican Party candidates visited Hampton Roads to gain support before elections on Tuesday that will decide who will be representing the Commonwealth of Virginia in Richmond.

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Democratic Party candidate for governor and current Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, was in Hampton today. He was joined by the party's candidates for lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax and current Attorney General of Virginia Mark Herring, who is seeking re-election.\

In Virginia Beach, Republican candidate for governor Ed Gillespie, candidate for lieutenant governor Jill Vogel and candidate for attorney general John Adams were rallying up supporters before the big day.

In the latest polls for Governor of Virginia, both Northam and Gillespie are running a tight race that have both candidates pointing to their own, and each others political record and positions on issues, to gain support.

"Our economy is not where it needs to be, and we are stuck," said Gillespie in his speech to supports Sunday afternoon. Gillespie has harped on economic growth as a staple of his plan to help Virginia.

Northam at his Hampton event at the Boo Williams Sportsplex said that he is hoping that people think about the resumes of both candidates when at the polls.

"I hope people look at our resumes and body of work, said Northam. "Anybody that applies for this job, they should put their resume on the table. Mine is one of public service."

The race for the next governor for the Commonwealth of Virginia has been very heated and divisive. Both candidates have struck at each other's values, past voting stances and career motives in ads that have become more prevalent towards election day.

Both candidates do agree on finding a solution to the opioid crisis that has killed Virginians in record numbers. But both disagree on how well Virginia's economy stands.

"Hampton Roads should be an economic driver for the entire Commonwealth, and we need to dredge the channel in our port, said Gillespie in an interview with New 3's Les Smith. Gillespie also added that the port in Hampton Roads is at risk of becoming the second deepest port on the Atlantic Coast.

Northam disagrees with Gillespie on the economic outlook of Virginia.

"We've brought over 215,000 jobs to Virginia," said Northam, who believes that Virginia is doing well in the economic marketplace. Northam also added in an interview with News 3's Les Smith that the unemployment rate has gone from 5.4 to 3.8 percent, which is the lowest in nine years.

The election is on Tuesday, Nov. 7. and News 3 will have coverage from start to finish, keeping our viewers informed throughout the day.

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