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Which News 3 morning anchor would you vote into office?

Posted at 6:24 AM, Nov 06, 2017

NORFOLK, Va. - Tuesday is Election Day and we want to know which News 3 morning team anchor you would vote into office.

Each put together a three point platform to help you decide who would be best.

Kristen Crowley:

  • Mandatory nap time daily
  • Food trucks that deliver Margaritas, Pizza and Cinnabon 24/7
  • “Take a Break” childcare – A free drop off center for Moms who just need a break

Erica Greenway:

  • Work weeks are limited to 4 days
  • Establishments serving lunch must open by 9 am
  • Work meetings are not to exceed 15 minutes

Myles Henderson:

  • Candy Corn Appreciation
  • Sudden Stoppers Punishment
  • Breakfast Plate Expansion

Jessica Larche:

  • Treadmills instead of chairs at the anchor desk
  • Free gym memberships for all News 3 viewers
  • Flaxseed muffin Friday at the office!

Blaine Stewart:

  • Free Bagel Fridays
  • Outlaw bowling shoes
  • Bring back "ALF"