After Ashanti Billie’s abduction: Ways to protect yourself when working odd hours

Posted at 11:22 PM, Nov 10, 2017

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - After Ashanti Billie's abduction, News 3 took action to find ways women who work late at night or early in the morning can make themselves less vulnerable. It's a situation many women are all too familiar with.

"You want to have your cell phone handy, you want to have your keys handy. A lot of people have newer vehicles, alarms that they can push a button and sound," said Antone Nixon, of Guardus Security in Virginia Beach.

Nixon talked about three things women can do if they find themselves alone late at night. For example, what to do if someone gets in your way as you're walking to your car.

"You want to start walking backwards. Keeping that person in front on you. At that point you should have your keys your alarm, maybe you want to sound that. You have your phone out. You want to let that individual know 'hey you need to back up,'" said Nixon.

Or, if someone approaches the window of your car and wants to talk.

"You want to keep the car locked. I'd put the car in reverse, let that individual know you're not here to help, you're not going to roll down the window. A vehicle, that's a machine no one wants to get in the way of, so you're in full power when you're in a vehicle.

Nixon also warned about getting in the car if your gut instinct is telling you no.

"The chances of you getting in that vehicle and making it out alive are slim to none," said Nixon.

Finally, he recommended keeping pepper spray or a strong whistle handy.