Anger over Virginia Beach City Council’s decision to approve in home gun business

Posted at 11:49 AM, Nov 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-13 17:55:13-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. -Neighbors are concerned that the business A and Z firearms,  operating out of a Virginia Beach neighborhood, would be an open invitation for criminals looking to steal firearms

Terry Connelly and her husband Tim have lived in the neighborhood for 14 years.

"It just gives me heartburn, too much of a concern for that what if," Terry Connelly said

She says it has always been a safe, family friendly place.

"There's a concern about the element of the person purchasing the gun about the person coming into the neighborhood," Terry said

Tim and his wife, along with almost thirty other people in their neighborhood, signed a petition asking city council to deny the permit.

They say the business will only invite criminals into their community.

The permit passed unanimously, despite even some council members' reservations.

"It puts a bulls eye on the neighborhood. The address was up there it said retail gun sales. It's just a low-level security for gun sales," Tim said.

Alan Zinke says the signs said his permit was for retail sales of firearms but he says he doesn’t sell the guns.

They’ve already been purchased, he just makes sure the person receiving them is legal.

"We will not sell anything but if people purchase something online they cannot legally be sent to that person’s house they have to come to a licensed fire arm dealer which is myself. "Zinke said.

Zinke who recently moved into the neighborhood says the permit only allows one person at a time who has made an appointment to come to his home.

He says the guns are sent to him after they are purchased online.

He keeps them in a safe.

The purchaser must provide identification, pass a background check and pay a 40-dollar fee.

Zink says he doesn't plan on purchasing or promoting his business instead his business contact information will just be listed from a store when someone purchased a weapon online another reason he says neighbors shouldn't be concerned.

Neighbors are angry over a tough Virginia Beach City Council decision to approve a conditional use permit for gun transactions in one Virginia Beach home.

Alane Zinke requested a conditional use permit to allow him to run a business out of his home.

Zinke says his neighbors are angry because they don't understand his business.

He says he will only be a middle man between the store where a gun is purchased online and the person who made the online purchase.

He says his home will not be run as a store, despite what many of his neighbors think.

He says he is actually trying to make the area safer by ensuring a background check is run before an online purchase is completed.

Neighbors have signed a petition asking the permit to be denied. There are currently 28 signatures on the petition.