Apartment floor collapses under people attending college homecoming party

Posted at 10:28 AM, Nov 13, 2017

DENTON, Texas — And this is when “dropping the beat” goes wrong.

Crazy video shows a third floor apartment in Denton, Texas caving in Saturday night.

According to NewsFix, about 50 people were packed inside for a UNT Homecoming after party jumping up and down and dancing when BOOM! They brought the house down.

“It was just way too many people in my apartment, I have no idea who these people were,” said Abiola Busari, who threw the party in his apartment. “Basically, the floor gave way because of probably, most likely, due to structural issues.”

No word if “structural issues” at The Ridge Apartments on Colorado Blvd. are actually to blame. The entire building where the collapse happened has been evacuated as crews inspect each unit.

But one of the UNT students who lives downstairs from Busari says she has a pretty good idea what’s to blame.

“They have parties quite a bit, almost every weekend,” Carley Carroll told NewsFix. “Just jumping, the loudest music you could ever imagine. Entire ceiling is shaking.”

“I notify everybody in advance,” Busari said. “Because I’m considerate.”

Carroll says she’s even joked about something like this happening, “When it actually did, and I saw the video, it was sickening to see. We haven’t even lived here three months, and everything we have is gone and destroyed.”

Well, Busari is now trying to right his wrongs by setting up a GoFundMe account for Carley and her three roommates.

“We’re trying to reach a goal of $10,000 to help my neighbor and to help pay for damages,” he explained. “I thank God everybody has their lives, nobody died, nobody had major injuries, just bumps and bruises.”

That’s right. Denton firefighters initially thought they had a “mass casualty situation” on their hands. But amazingly, no one was seriously injured.

Now, it’s time to raise the roof… for real.