Drake stops show, threatens man apparently groping women in audience

Posted at 3:30 PM, Nov 16, 2017

Drake was in the middle of performing one of his hit songs “Know Yourself” at Sydney’s Marquee nightclub Wednesday evening when he stopped to address a man in the crowd who he saw groping women in the audience.

“Yo, stop that s**t,” Drake told the man. “If you don’t stop touching girls, I’m gonna come out there and f**k you up.”

The crowd went wild with support. Since then, social media has also lit up with support for Drake, some citing the importance of his actions amid many allegations of sexual harassment in recent news.

Sexual harassment advocates have said one way of tackling the issue is simply to call it out and not stay silent.

As Drake says in his song “Know Yourself,” “pray the fakes get exposed.” Or in this case, pray the creeps get exposed.

Drake’s action have even sparked fellow musician and Chicago rapper Showyousuck to follow Drake’s example of calling out sexual harassers at his own shows.

It’s unclear of what happened to the man after Drake called him out.

While some suggested Drake only called out the man because he knew he’d have the support of the crowd, one Twitter user wrote that his stance is still commendable. “The point here is, (Drake) called out someone groping a woman.”