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New web tool helps TCC’s military-related students earn credit for prior learning

Posted at 12:45 PM, Nov 16, 2017

HAMPTON ROADS – 35 percent of TCC students have a military background, and new courses at the college could be given for prior learning experience.

The Credits2Careers Veterans Portal will allow students to upload their Joint Services Transcript to see instantly how their work experience could translate into academic credits at TCC and more than 1,700 other community colleges, says TCC.

The portal is a personalized virtual counseling tool that provides real-time employment information and enables veterans and service members to explore civilian careers related to their areas of expertise or interest.

“The Credits2Career tool helps military and veterans get a true snapshot of what credits and careers are out there for them based on what they have done in the military and the training and schooling they have completed,” said Bill Brown, executive director of TCC’s Center for Military and Veterans Education (CMVE).

The portal will allow users to explore degrees and non-degree programs, create a portfolio that includes military experience, estimate credit through prior learning, explore civilian careers, and access a comprehensive national database of job applications.

Matt Adams, a Marine Corps reservist, who is currently attending TCC demonstrated the portal at its unveiling last week at the Virginia Community College System office in Richmond.

“I can’t say enough about this new tool. It’s going to help a lot of people like me save time and money in the pursuit of a college credential,” Adams said. “This is a difference-maker for those seeking their next step in civilian life. I’m sharing it with everyone I served with.”

Virginia’s Community Colleges served 36,868 veterans and military-related students last year.

“Awarding credit for prior learning is something that always sounded better in theory than it was in practice, until today,” said Glenn DuBois, VCCS chancellor. “Military service is increasingly a technical experience. And thanks to the hard work of hundreds of people across our community colleges and other state agencies, we are in a position to reward that in-uniform service in an unprecedented way.”

The portal can be accessed at this link: For information, contact the CMVE at or 757-822-7645.