Survey reveals 20-somethings plan to shop in store more than other generations this holiday season

Posted at 6:35 PM, Nov 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-16 19:24:26-05

MOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA. – A new survey finds that 20-somethings plan to shop in-store more than any other age group this holiday season while older generations plan to shop online.

The study by and Quotient Technology’s  was done earlier this month, and gauged how shopping trends would be from 1,052 participants from across the United States. says that the survey explored consumer habits and current sentiment around what Americans enjoy most about Holidays, especially in correlation to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“20-somethings are savvy, using technology to find the best deals, and knowing not every great deal is online,” said Jeanette Pavini, savings expert. “Understanding how consumers view key shopping seasons helps serve more relevant coupons at the right time.” also said that Participants in their 20s also believe they get the best deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, compared with older generations who tend to be more skeptical of the savings on those all-important retail days.

The Holiday Survey was conducted by SurveyMonkey in November 2017 and based on 1,052 responses. added that the sample was balanced by age, gender and race, and that the company defined 20-somethings as 18 to 29-years-old.

Key findings from the survey:


  • What not to talk about. 53 percent of Americans dread talking politics or President Trump at Thanksgiving this year.
  • Who loves turkey? 45 percent of seniors (60+) ranked turkey as their favorite part of the meal, compared to 25 percent of 20-somethings.
  • Pass the comfort food. While only 23 percent of 20-somethings said mashed potatoes are a favorite, that was higher than every other group. Seven percent of seniors cited mashed potatoes as a favorite dish.
  • Let them eat pie. The course almost everyone will enjoy: Dessert, which less than 1 percent of those surveyed said they dislike.
  • Did you really cook that? Absolutely, lied one in four 20-somethings (24 percent to be precise). Those over age 30 were far less likely to fib about what they brought (10 percent).
  • Nice gifts cost, so save. 65 percent of Americans said they plan to use coupons when buying groceries for the holidays.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  • Braving the crowds. 64 percent of 20-somethings believe they find the best deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, whereas all other age groups don’t believe those days offer the best deals. For instance, only 38 percent of the over 60 crowd believe those days are the smartest shopping days.
  • Are the best deals after the holidays? Sure, say anyone 30 and older (45 percent).

Holiday Shopping

  • Meet you at the mall. 55 percent of 20-somethings plan to shop in-store, higher than any other generation.
  • Who’s shopping online? 22 percent of 30 – 44 year olds will shop from their phones vs. 18 percent of 20-somethings; 30 percent of 45 – 59 year olds will shop via computer compared to 20 percent of 20-somethings.
  • What’s the spend this holiday season? More than half of Americans (51 percent) plan to spend under $500 total on holiday gifts.