Center gives free glasses to group of refugees

Posted at 9:09 AM, Nov 18, 2017

Kansas City, Missorui (KCTV) — A group of refugees in Kansas City lined up in the cold on Thursday morning to get eyeglasses.

For one man, it means he can start planning for the future.

“I want to learn English,” said Hassan Fahar, who got new glasses through Don Bosco Center.

Fahar is one of almost 70 people who got a pair of free glasses.

The whole group consisted of refugees. Some were from Spanish-speaking countries and others, like Fahar, were from Somalia.

That is why they were being helped by nurses from Truman Medical center who speak the refugees’ native languages.

Fahar has been in the U.S. since 2011 and was a teacher in Somalia.

The glasses will help him reach his goals. “They don’t know English,” he said, “so I want to help people like me.”

This year, nearly 100 people took free eye exams and more than 60 needed glasses.