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Wounded Portsmouth Police officer released from hospital

Posted at 5:54 PM, Nov 21, 2017

NORFOLK, Va. - Welcome home, Officer Angelina Baaklini!

Baaklini was released from Norfolk Sentara General Hospital Tuesday evening. It wasn't just the cheers and applause in the atmosphere, but love, support and respect. Police officers and people from all around Hampton Roads came to show their support.

Officer Baaklini isn't just walking out of the hospital on her own two feet, but walking toward a future where she continues to serve her community.

"They won't let me yet, but I'll be back there soon," said Officer Baaklini.

Her Portsmouth Police family, eager for her return as they flanked her side going down the hallway to the hospital's exit.

"This moment's unbelievable. You can't put into words how awesome we feel as a family because that's what this department is a big family," said Det. Misty Holley.

A big family indeed. The support pouring in not just from Portsmouth, but from everywhere. It came in the form of a blood drive, to a pint-sized runner crossing the finish line at a half-marathon in Baaklini's honor.

"I want to thank everyone for the love and support they've given me through this. It helps me every single day to get through it," said Officer Baaklini.

It's that support getting her back on her own feet, a little more than two weeks after being shot five times while on duty. It happened when she was trying to take a 15-year-old boy into custody. She has undergone several surgeries for her injuries.

"She thinks more about others more than herself, just shows the type of person she is. She's ready to get back out there guys and I'll tell you what, this isn't going to get her down," said Det. Holley.


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