Surveillance images show child being used to steal package

Posted at 9:29 AM, Nov 22, 2017

MARYSVILLE, Calif. - Package theft is all-too common during the holiday season, but this case stands out.

Surveillance video shows a young child hopping out of a car and grabbing a box from the porch of David and Rachelle Barboza's home in Marysville, California on Monday.

"That's what broke my heart, more than anything, is seeing that young girl, just scared, you know?" David Barboza told KTXL. "It was obvious that she didn't want to do that."

"It sucks to be a victim of something like that. But when there's a child involved, it take it to a whole different level. Our heart breaks for the little girl," Rachelle Barboza said.

That little girl was being driven around in a green Volvo station wagon. The Barbozas think her mother had been following a delivery truck and urging the child to steal packages right after they were delivered.

But when she got to their porch she came face-to-face with David.

"I would have gave it to the little girl," he said. "And she got in the car and didn't even really have a chance to get in the car. Almost fell out. And she blew through the stop sign on the way out."

Marysville Police say the woman could face child endangerment charges for using a little girl to do her dirty work.

"Absolutely," Marysville Police Sergeant Jason Garringer said. "Anytime you use a child for a crime we would pursue that."