Families living in military housing fed up with constant car break-ins

Posted at 11:16 PM, Nov 28, 2017

NORFOLK, Va. - Families who live in Willoughby Bay Military Housing say crimes including car break-ins are a constant in their community. Despite many of the families locking their car doors, the thieves are still able to get in. Now that the holiday season has arrived, the families feel like it's happening more and more.

"It's supposed to be safe. Everybody says it's safe," said Taylor Greene, who has lived in the neighborhood since September 2015. However, with the most recent car break-in happening Saturday, she's worried crime is increasing because of the holidays.

Some families who spoke with News 3's Kim Cung said they don't feel safe in their home. Surveillance video from Saturday night show two people checking car door handles and rummaging through cars.

"I just want this to stop. I' frustrates me to see people constantly posting someone broken into my car, someone broke my windows someone tried to get into my house," said Alexis Hans. Her camera has caught numerous crooks in action, including footage from September and May.

"We have deterrents and people are still doing it and when we bring it up and ask about it nothing is being done," said Hans.

Lydia White has lived in the community for almost a year. "I don't know of any court that has not been affected and we are getting hit on a weekly basis at least once."

One victim, who asked News 3 to hide her identity out of fear of retaliation, said her home was broken into in January.

"My house was trashed. I... didn't recognize it any more. Everything of value was stolen. TVs computers, tablets, there was some cash, jewelry..." said the victim with tears in her eyes. She said police were able to catch two of the four suspects. However, she's worried about the two they haven't caught.

Moving forward these neighbors are banding together, hoping to affect change and stop the criminals. A gate to protect them is a solution many of them are hoping for.

"We should at least put a gate up of some sort to deter some of this. Come together one team, one fight," said Sean Cahill. He said someone tried to push in the door to his home when his wife was home alone.

The neighbors are also asking for a security guard to be on the property at least throughout the night in addition to the gate.