Charges dropped for three suspects in reported Portsmouth online date robbery

Posted at 12:03 PM, Nov 29, 2017

PORTSMOUTH, Va. - Dalvonte White, Sophia Shadley and Messiah Silas walked in the courtroom before Judge Douglas Ottinger all in handcuffs.

But, Wednesday all charges against the three defendants were dropped because the alleged victim did not show up to the preliminary court hearing.

"This would have been the third Commonwealth's continuance. So, we all objected to a third continuance. So, the charges were dropped," says Kurt Gilchrist, represented Dalvonte White.

The defense says during his last two court appearances, the alleged victim changed his story multiple times.

All three suspects were being accused of robbing the Portsmouth man after he was allegedly beaten with bats and stripped naked.

"One or two things could happen if the victim came forward and wanted to proceed, the Commonwealth could have the option to potentially indict in Circuit court but more than likely all three defendants are done," says Gilchrist.

Wednesday, the prosecution wanted to continue the case but Judge Ottinger denied because the alleged victim was a no show.


Portsmouth man says he was robbed during online date; Suspects arrested