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VB Sheriff Office takes action for teen with disabilities who needs a special bike

Posted at 2:27 PM, Nov 30, 2017

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Fifteen-year-old Zachary Jefferson, who has down syndrome and autism, is getting help from the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office this holiday season. 

The Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office, after hearing about the young man, is helping to raise the almost $2,000 needed to buy a bike for Zachary and his mother.

The bike for him and his mother is a two-person tricycle called a Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Team Dual" Trike SBST-HB.

Zachary is non-verbal, and his mother helps care for him and other children with special needs in the community, said the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office.

Zachary watches the world go by and doesn't always get to share the same experience as other kids. Riding a bike is something he's always wanted to do.

Mother Denise Jefferson tells News 3's Aleah Hordges, "He likes to ride in the car and just look out the window and see things so he'll like it much more if he was riding a bike."

Deputy Ashley Swenson with the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office is taking action to help get Zachary a special bike.

Swenson said Mrs. Jefferson gives so much to others and wants to return the favor.

"My youngest child required special care for the first 19 months and without hesitation she was there to provide that care for him without asking any questions," Swenson added.

A Gofundme page was created November 26 to raise money $2,000 for a two-seater tricycle, helmets and shipping costs.

Mrs. Jefferson said Zachary used to have his own bike.

"We had to take that away from him several years ago because he got too fast and too far and he won't listen when you say stop and he can't watch out for traffic," mentioned Mrs. Jefferson.

The tricycle will allow him to pedal safely with his mother to avoid any accidents.

Zachary has no idea about this special bike.

It will be a surprise gift hopefully waiting for him on Christmas day.

"When he sees it and he knows it's his I think he'll be very excited and he'll want to ride it everyday," said Mrs. Jefferson.

She also stated that Zachary was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and this special bike can help keep him in shape.

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