New Hampton head football coach Robert Prunty talks Pirates priorities, feeling at home

Posted at 11:23 PM, Dec 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-08 23:44:14-05

HAMPTON, Va. - Life often times has a way of coming full circle. For Hampton's new head football coach  Robert Prunty, the last 48 hours has been a confirmation that life indeed, comes at you full circle.

Hampton head football coach Robert Prunty.

On Friday, Prunty was introduced to the university and media as the Pirates' new head coach.

After spending last season as East Carolina's defensive line coach for two games, and the defensive coordinator for the remaining 10, Prunty embarks on his first head coaching journey in the college ranks.

It was 1983 when a young Prunty came to Hampton as a student-athlete to start his college football career. 34 years later, Prunty is back on campus, this time to lead the program into a new era.

Last month, Hampton announced it was leaving the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference for the Big South. Instilling a new culture in a new era, is not a new task for Prunty, who's coached under the likes of Tommy Tubberville.

"You take care of the small things the big things take care of themselves," said Prunty.

"Going to class, being accountable, being at practice on time, working hard, studying your playbook, all that stuff goes together. You can't just do it right sometimes, you have to do it right all the time, and that's what makes a successful program."

Prunty won't have to go far to find top talent, as Hampton Roads is home to some of the nation's elite prospects year in, and year out.

"It's like being at a buffet. You get a little bit of everything in the 757,-- im excited to be here now," Prunty said. "We need to be relentless in the 757. Going back on what I said, every coach including me, will have a school in the 757. Our presence, will be felt, all over the 757."