Man guilty of killing girlfriend sentenced to 26 years in prison

Posted at 12:36 PM, Dec 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-20 07:30:28-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. –  A Virginia Beach man will spend the next 26 years, and one month, behind bars.

Wesley Lee Brooks – charged with second degree murder.

A judge handed down the sentencing to Wesley Brooks Tuesday afternoon.

Brooks was charged for fatally stabbing 61-year-old May Joyce Washington-Brown during an altercation in 2016, according to police.

Police previously said the incident happened in the 500 block of Jonathan Court in the Pembroke Manor area.

In July, Brooks pleaded guilty to Second Degree Murder.

Under his plea agreement if Brooks pleads guilty to Second Degree Murder the charge of Abduction will be nolle prossed.

The judge accepted that plea.

In court, we learned Brooks sufferers from schizophrenia and wasn’t on his medication at the time of the murder.

Brooks had nothing to say in court, taking the judge by surprise.

However, Brooks’ sister did speak saying he was a member of a local church and helped the homeless.

His defense asked the judge for the lowest possible sentence of 15 years and 7 months.

The prosecution told the court Brooks was charged in 2003 for stabbing a girlfriend at that time.

He’s facing time in Norfolk for that incident.

After handing down his sentence, the judge told the court he never wants Brooks to get out of prison and is a danger to society.