Dog shot during Virginia Beach armed burglary reunited with owner

Posted at 1:26 PM, Dec 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-22 14:38:23-05

VIRGINIA BEACH Va. - The dog shot during an armed burglary in Virginia Beach is headed home to be with his family after recovering at the Blue Pearl Veterinary clinic.


Zulu was shot during an armed burglary on December 17 after chasing the suspects out of the home.

The pit bull underwent a five hour surgery and then spent several days in the ICU.

Thursday he was finally released from the vet and reunited with his family.

They say dogs are a mans best friend. Zulu proved he was not only a friend but a protector.

Officer Scurry his wife Kassandra and their 7-year-old daughter waited eagerly for be reunited with Zulu after agonizing days apart.

“Very excited. A relief. She’s excited, she’s been asking for him,” Kassandra said.

Seconds seemed like hours for the family, until a knock and the door finally opened.

According to Scurry, Zulu's medical costs exceeded $12,000. The family says thanks to the community, it was all covered.

“Thanks to the GoFundMe and all of the donations that people have been calling directly here and donating has, it’s going to be covered. So it’s not even an issue. We are very grateful that we have had such a great response from the community,” Kassandra said.

Officer Scurry says he picked the name Zulu after the warrior Shakazulu. Now this warrior is going home, just in time for Christmas.

“Just give him lots of love there’s toys under the tree. We have all of his toys and treats wrapped up and we have some for now,” Kassandra said.

Kassandra said people as far as California have reached out to help. Zulu has a cone to allow his stitches to heal, and will have to take medications for a few weeks.

The family says they are just thrilled to have their boy home.

A GoFundMe was also set up to help the family.

After a warrant was served Tuesday morning, a total of four people are behind bars for the crime. Eighteen-year-old Lundon Starke was taken into custody after the S.W.A.T. unit in Virginia Beach surrounded his home.

Three other people were arrested in relation to the incident, but their identities are not being released because they are juveniles.