Airbnb host locks himself in room after hundreds show up to guest’s ‘New Year’s Banger’

Posted at 6:08 PM, Jan 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-03 18:08:01-05

**Warning: Some of the language in the video, above, is offensive**

SEVEN HILLS, Ohio – It took officers from five area police departments to shut down a New Year's party at an Airbnb rental in Seven Hills, Ohio this weekend.

Officers were called to the home on Shelley Drive shortly after 11 p.m. on Saturday for a noise complaint, cars parking in the street and vehicles blocking driveways during the snow ban, according to WJW.

Police say the man who threw the party was renting a room at the house through Airbnb for $40 a night. The 28-year-old homeowner had a few rules for his guest. He couldn't have a party and there were temporary barriers to block certain rooms.

The suspect advertised the "New Year's Banger" on Twitter and charged $5 a person, according to the police report. When the homeowner realized he couldn't control it, he locked himself in his bedroom and eventually called police after five men threatened him.

At first, officers couldn't get into the development because of the snow. When they later walked up to the house, they could hear music from more than 100 yards away, and there were about 30 people coming and going.

“I observed several hundred people packed so tightly in each of the rooms and up the stairwell, it did not appear there was space for anyone to extend their arms," an officer wrote in the police report.

About 250 people were crammed inside. Seven Hills police said they told people to leave and that's when party-goers started shouting anti-police comments.

Those officers, who realized they were outnumbered, left to call in assistance. Seven Hills police had Broadview Heights officers block cars from coming into the neighborhood. They turned away more than 50 cars, while about 50 more vehicles tried to leave.

Seven Hills, Parma, Brooklyn Heights and Independence police entered through the garage, where they were greeted by the smell of marijuana and alcohol.

“I observed several people throwing up where they stood and heavy damage to the home. People broke open the front windows and began pulling out the windows, as police entered the basement several people broke out a basement window and exited through the window,” the police report said.

It took about an hour to get people to clear out of the house and leave the neighborhood. Police waited with some partiers for their Uber rides to arrive.

The homeowner, who was cited for a noise disturbance, told police that his entire house was damaged. He filed a claim through Airbnb. Officers returned the next day to find broken glass and trash scattered across the front lawn. When WJW went to the home on Wednesday, there were not obvious signs of damage, other than window screens in the yard.

One neighbor, whose home was also damaged by party-goers, said she was fearful for the safety of officers and described the scene as a "mob."

As for the man who threw the party, he's facing charges of disorderly conduct for unreasonable noise and hindering movement on public streets, furnishing alcohol to minors, alcohol activities without a permit and criminal damaging. He has not been arrested.