Tips to keeping your gym New Year’s resolution

Posted at 12:55 PM, Jan 04, 2018

Losing weight and going to the gym are some of the most common new years resolutions, but it seems like they are also some of the hardest to keep.

As the over indulging of the holiday foods has come to an end and 2018 has arrived, going to the gym is on the mind as a new year’s resolution.

Roberto Gonzelez, a personal trainer at Planet Fitness in Bakersfield says the holidays are one of the main reasons people aim to lose weight and go to the gym for their new years resolution.

“Being obviously the New Year they are just trying to start the year off right, trying to do the obvious things and that to be a little bit more healthy” said, Roberto Gonzelez.

While setting the goal may come easy — sticking to it typically isn’t.

“Number one is not being realistic as far as what they can expect you know within such a short time frame. I think a lot of people over expect from what they want and also just a lack of knowledge in regards to training and nutrition” said, Gonzelez.

Gonzelez says there are multiple ways to stay motivated with your new years gym resolution.

Instead of falling into bad habits — he says try getting a personal trainer at a local gym or prepping your meals early in the day so you are not tempted to go out and eat.

He says a lot of people are intimidated by the variety of machines — but he says there are easy ways to learn.

“They can do their own research online, YouTube, Google, instagram there are people who put out a lot of good information out there for free that they can follow and that is a good way to kind of get the ball rolling” said, Gonzelez.