Yorktown man saves dog that fell through ice

Posted at 8:38 PM, Jan 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-11 23:41:13-05

YORKTOWN, Va. - The third time trying was a charm. Kevin Earley was trying to save Boogie, a golden retriever, that had fallen through the ice and into the bitter cold water. After two failed attempts to get the 100 lb dog into the John boat, the third try worked. The rescue was recorded by Kevin's wife Monique.

"My father called and said Boggie had fallen through the ice and was through the water and needed my help," said Kevin.

Doug Earley is Boggie's owner. He said Boggie came into their lives when he was 10  months old and now Boggie is 10-years-old.

Beverly, Doug's wife, had heard barking Wednesday afternoon. Doug said it sounded too high pitched to be from Boggie, but Beverly was not convinced.

She was standing on their back patio when she spotted something in the water. She grabbed a pair of binoculars and spotted Boggie, more than 20 feet out from shore, struggling in the creek.

That's when Doug called Kevin, who works close by. Doug ran out to try and save Boggie, but realized he would need the boat.

"Boggie almost gave up. He stopped yelping. He looked at me and said hey, that's it," said Doug.

But Boggie's family wasn't accepting that. Using a golf cart, Kevin and Doug pulled a John boat to the edge of the creek. Kevin slid the boat onto the ice, got in and used oars to push himself toward Boggie.

"When I got to him, he was just shaking and he was shaking and whimpering. As soon as I got him into the boat and he hit the floor and didn’t move," said Kevin.

York County Fire and Rescue helped Kevin get the boat back to land and called Salty Paws Veterinary Hospital. Kevin drove while Monique kept Boggie warm with towels in the backseat.

"Thank goodness he saved him. That’s what it was. He saved him," said Doug.

After some warm IV and a whole night of rest, Boggie is back. On Thursday, despite the ice still sitting atop the creek, Boggie ran around with his family, melting hearts the way he normally does.