Woman arrested in connection to death of Norfolk man

Posted at 10:33 AM, Jan 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-12 17:22:12-05

NORFOLK, Va. –  Norfolk have arrested a woman in connection to the death of the man found inside a Norfolk home Wednesday night. 

Police have arrested 39-year-old Moranda Marshall after 58-year-old Larry Nicholson was found dead in his home just steps from Old Dominion University.

The incident happened late Wednesday night on 42nd street.

“He has a restraining order on her and ever since then it’s just been hectic you know one thing after another just a collection of vandalism, “ Nedjar said.

ODU grad student Nadjib Nedjar says he started to look for his roommate when the man’s family showed up on their doorstep worried.

They told him they hadn’t heard from Nicholson in a week.

“I went up to his room and I opened the door and the stench I was like no I am not going inside but I looked really quick and it didn’t look like he was in there. The bed was made,“ Nedjar said.

But the family persisted.

“They saw blood on the bed and it was just splattered everywhere and then there was a big pile of clothes and blankets and they kicked the blankets out of the way and there he was,“ Nedjar said.

Nedjar says it looked like he had been stabbed.

“He was curled up. It looked like he was trying to stay warm because he was bleeding out I am not sure but it definitely looked like he was trying to crawl out of the bed to get some help,” Nedjar said.

Nedjar says his roommate had lived in the home for the past year.

He said he was a kind man, but there had been problems.

He said in the past few months Nicholson has received death threats and the home has been vandalized.

Marshall is being held in the Norfolk city jail without bond.

Still Nedjar doesn’t plan on staying in the home

“I plan on moving very soon like today,” Nedjar said.