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Restroom kits to the rescue

Posted at 4:00 PM, Jan 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-15 17:52:44-05

NORFOLK Va. - At some point we all have to use a public restroom-as much as we may not want to if we are at a sporting event or on a date, it’s inevitable.

“Every restroom outside of your house is a public restroom,” Sonia Massey said.

Sonia and William Massey say they travel a lot.

But their vacations were always ruined by gross public restrooms so they created the restroom kit.

The couple says the restroom kit is safe for the whole family.

The Masseys say you might be surprised the effect a bathroom full of germs can have on your immune system.

“O.P.P. other people’s poop we eliminate that situation because you know once you flush the toilet the germs and bacteria spray everywhere so with this you don’t have to worry about any of that,” William Massey said.

The restroom kit comes with one yard of toilet paper, an over sized toilet seat cover, a tush wipe and a hand wipe.

The Masseys have done their research and you can say they’ve got the dirt on bathroom germs.

For instance, they say the soap in the bathroom isn’t as clean as you may think.

“People don’t realize if you walk into a restroom and it’s not factory sealed soap that means that you are using the soap that they are refilling the germs and the bacteria is going right back into the soap,” Sonia Massey said.

Even in the cleanest looking bathroom, not even the toilet paper is safe.

“When that flush comes twenty feet in the air you have to go ten sheets deep on toilet paper in order to not have it with the germs,” Sonia Massey said.

The Masseys have also sent cases of their restroom kits to those in need after hurricane Harvey struck Texas.

“We shipped cases to the Red Cross and they distributed them out to the flood victims in Louisiana also,” Sonia Massey said.

The couple tells me they put together cases they plan to send to Puerto Rico as well.