Dallas residents notice sad faced house shaped pinatas

Posted at 2:37 PM, Jan 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-19 14:37:28-05

Some residents have noticed colorful pinatas popping up around Dallas.

Giovanni Valderas, an artist has been making them and placing them around the city.

No, it’s not anyone’s birthday, and there isn’t any candy inside. However, spreading joy is still part of the intention.

Giovanni Valderas, an artist has been making them and placing them around the city.

“Bring a smile to people’s faces, but also I wanted there to be a slow reveal when people sat there for a little bit and looked at it like they started putting 1 and 1 together,” Valderas said.

Valderas grew up in Oak Cliff.

“I’ve seen a lot of just the neighborhoods I used to run around in when I was younger being torn down.”

He calls the creations little sad houses, or “casita triste.”

He has been putting them specifically around Bishop Arts District, hoping to grab your attention.

“Working class people can’t even afford to live here. Especially in Oak Cliff, a lot of my friends and family they are having a hard time finding places to live.”’

Valderas is talking about the gentrification of the area, saying affordable housing is a joke, luxery lofts are taking over, and many who call the area home soon won’t be able to.

“Advocate for affordable housing in this city because it’s a crisis right now,” he says.

There aren’t any goodies on the inside of these pinatas, but you may notice a little bag attached to the colorful creatures. Inside the bag there are post cards addressed to the city officials with a message asking for change. Valderas is hoping you will join the movement, and send one.