Father reveals disturbing details during interrogation about daughter’s murder

Posted at 9:34 PM, Jan 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-23 21:34:25-05

**Warning: some of the details in this story and in the videos are graphic and disturbing**

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- An Ohio father admitted his part in concealing the murder of his own daughter, offering heart-wrenching details to investigators during an interrogation video recently released by officials.

The footage, recorded shortly after 5-year-old Ashley Zhao was found dead in January, 2017, shows Liang Zhao confessing to detectives that he saw his wife kill their daughter. Both parents are serving sentences for the murder and for their efforts to conceal the crime.

Ashley's body was discovered hidden in a container inside her family's restaurant in Jackson Township after her parents reported her missing.

Her mother, Ming Ming Chen, confessed to killing the girl, admitting that she beat her daughter to death in a fit of rage in the kitchen of their home in North Canton. During Chen's interrogation, she said that she told her husband, Liang Zhao, to "take care of it."

Zhao told police that they then put her in a car seat and took her body to the restaurant so that her sister would think she was sleeping.

"We brought her inside and just laid her there and we just continued on working," said Zhao.

Zhao told police their 6-year-old daughter was very impressionable and they believed she could be persuaded to believe her sister was okay.

"The plan was for JoJo to come home and see that she was there, then I would tie her up," said Zhao.

During the questioning, he told police that he then concealed the body in a walk-in freezer.

"I moved her to a walk-in freezer and in a plastic container so she wouldn't stink," he confessed.

The video shows investigators asking Zhao what he intended to do with the body when they eventually stopped their search.

"Burn it, bury it or throw it in the ocean...." he answered.

In December, Chen pleaded guilty to charges that include involuntary manslaughter and child endangering.

She is now serving a term of 22 years in prison. When she gets out, she will be sent back to China.

Her husband is serving a sentence of 12 years for his part in the crime.

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