Sheriff, captain, and three deputies now facing charges in Gates County

Posted at 9:30 PM, Jan 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-23 21:31:01-05

GATES CO., N.C. - The Gates County Board of Commissioners held an emergency meeting Tuesday night after the Sheriff was indicted on Monday.

Several people showed up at the meeting but were told they must leave after the board voted to have a  closed-door session.

They said they couldn’t openly discuss legal or personnel matters.

Jeff and Josh Dick also came to the meeting and told News three they are concerned about the charges.

On Monday State Bureau of Investigation, Officials said they served an arrest warrant to Gates County Sheriff Randy Hathaway, 47, following his indictment by a grand jury on charges of obtaining property by false pretense, failure to discharge duties and one count of obstruction of justice.

One resident turned out to the meeting to show her support for Sheriff Hathaway. She said she has known him for over twenty years. She tearfully said, “I’m just here for him and I hope everything turns out okay for him and his family.”

They said District Attorney Andrew Womble petitioned a superior court judge to remove Hathaway based on the SBI’s investigation and that the judge removed Hathaway from office and appointed Gates County Sheriff Deputy Robert Jordan as the interim Sheriff.

News 3 met up with Interim Sheriff Jordan Tuesday. He said this is a tough time for the entire county.

Officials said three Gates County sheriffs' deputies were also charged with obtaining property by false pretense, and their arrest warrants were served in court.  As interim sheriff, Jordan suspended the three deputies, Captain Glenda Parker, 54; Deputy Levar Newsome, 38; and Deputy Tobe Ruffin, 28.

“Sheriff Hathaway grew up here and has been here his whole life. Glenda Parker, Tobe Ruffin has been here his whole life,” said Jordan. He said the entire community is impacted by this and he wants to help the community heal.

In December, the SBI arrested a fourth deputy, Sgt. Brandon Hawks, 33, on six counts of embezzlement of property by a public officer and one count of obstruction of justice. His father, Scott Hawks, 54, was also arrested today on two counts of possession of stolen firearm.

The petition filed by the district attorney to remove the sheriff was sealed by the judge.

“I want to heal our officers, our remaining officers. We want to heal, come together and be there for each other as well as the ones that were indicted,” said Jordan, “We are family and we want to move forward.”