Super Week: Tips for throwing a great Super Bowl party

Posted at 6:38 AM, Jan 29, 2018

NORFOLK, Va. - Are you having friends and family over to watch the biggest game of the year?

We want your party to be the best on the block.

Jollity & Co. in Norfolk has some tips to make sure your place looks great and your guests have fun.

Start with your color theme. If you're a fan of either the Eagles or the Patriots, use their colors for plates, napkins and other decorations. If you're not, you can use whatever colors you like, maybe black and white like the refs or green and white like the field. A fun thing to do is get green plates for the Eagles and red plates for the Patriots and have guests pick their plate based on who they think will win.

You can also make this field goal decoration using PVC pipe and yellow electrical tape or spray paint.

As far as food, there are always the classic nachos, pizzas and wings but you can always jazz it up a little bit for the party. You can call the wings "Eagle Wings" and make a Patriots inspired clam chowder to tie the game into the food.

To keep the kids entertained, you can have football crafts ready. There are tons of ideas online.

For those who aren't big football fans, the next best thing is the commercials! You can have people vote on their favorite or play commercial bingo to keep people engaged. For more games, check here.

The last tip - have fun! Don't let the party stress you out. You can start decorating on Friday and Saturday and delegate people to bring different things so it's not all on you.