Wink kicks, throws, runs, jumps and bumps his way through Super Bowl Experience

Posted at 1:11 AM, Jan 30, 2018

Super Bowl Experience

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - This week in Minneapolis, the NFL's Super Bowl Experience driven by Genesis will welcome hundreds of thousands of fans to the Minneapolis Convention Center.

It's part pigskin theme park, part football museum and 100 percent willing to let anyone embarrass themselves. That includes News 3 Sports Director Adam Winkler.t

Monday, Wink was able to run, jump, bump, throw and kick as he was able to try his hand...and feet at the interactive exhibits.

Super Bowl Experience

There's even the opportunity to run the 40 yard dash against a virtual NFL player.

"Well, I'd say maybe stretch a little before you go try and run the 40 yard," warned Mayra Alvarez on behalf of the Super Bowl Experience. "You will notice you will be competing against a current NFL player. If you don't see that as a threat, I say you go up there and stand up to the challenge."

So Wink did just that. While he did not out-run Kareem Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs, he did manage to break five seconds (4.91) and more importantly: he did not pull a glute or tear a hamstring in the process.