Family of Poquoson woman reported missing: “She would have left her imprint on you forever”

Posted at 7:51 AM, Feb 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-05 07:51:33-05

OUTER BANKS, N.C. - A simple instruction with a note, "please take one and remember to share your sparkle and flair with everyone you love."

“Once you met her one time, she would have left her imprint on you forever," says Shelly Richeson, one of Diggs' sisters.

Packets of confetti embodied the joyful spirit of 65-year-old Kathy Diggs.  The oldest of nine children, some siblings say Diggs was all of them in one.

“If you came by the house and you visited with her and said ‘oh, that’s really beautiful,' then more than likely you walked out the door with it," says Richeson.

But just last week, tragedy struck, Diggs struggled with a Bi-Polar disorder and wandered off. For three days, community members of Poquoson searched and searched.

Diggs was later found in a ditch along I-64, just 5 miles away from her home.

The devastating news left family members forced to come to terms and find peace with the unthinkable.

“I sat down to begin journaling my thoughts and the journal of that day was ‘not all who wander are lost.’ Those were comforting words because for us we were trying everything we could," says Richeson.

Grateful for the community’s prayers, the Diggs family offers up advice for any loved one who is battling a chemical imbalance to embrace, love, and support them by helping them find a healthy control.

“Although, we know Kathy didn’t make it home to the friends and family that we had hoped. We know that she made it home to family on the other side," says Richeson.

Digg’s sister says, "with the color in our days, Kathy was the art of human emotions at it’s best."