Mardi Gras missed connection: Woman looking for parade rider who stole her heart

Posted at 12:33 PM, Feb 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-12 12:33:14-05

A rider in the Krewe of Hermes captured a young woman’s heart when he threw her some beads last weekend, and now she’s looking for her Mardi Gras missed connection.

Capri Guarisco posted her unique love story in Tulane Classifieds, a public Facebook group where members can look for apartments, jobs, missing phones, or love.

Guarisco’s story began the night of February 5, when the Krewe of Hermes parade stalled in front of where she was standing along the Uptown Route.

Sparks began to fly when “one of the float riders pointed to me and gave me some wing ears and I told him that I loved him,” Guarisco wrote in her post.

The budding love story was cut short when the floats began to roll again, but then fate intervened in Guarisco’s favor.

The float carrying the mystery rider stopped again “and he was like ‘you love me?’ and then me motioned for me to come to him so I crossed the barricade and went to him and he gave me some more things,” she wrote.

Guarisco said she asked the rider if he lived on the North Shore, and he said he lived on the South Shore, and she told him the North Shore could be fun too, “and then the float started to move again and I think I wanna marry this guy.”

Comments on the epic love story post include various methods to track down the mystery Hermes rider, including contacting the Krewe for a roster of riders.

For now though, the mystery remains, and Guarisco is still searching for her lost love and a happy ending to what may be the greatest Mardi Gras love story of 2018.