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VA Air and Space Trivia For Monday, April 9th on Coast Live

Posted at 8:45 AM, Feb 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-11 08:31:08-04

What is earth’s circumference?

  1. 29,400 miles
  2. 49,200 miles
  3. 24,900 miles


Watch Coast Live at 10 a.m. each Monday for a space trivia question and come back to this page to enter the right letter that coincides with the correct answer (A, B, or C).

You will then be entered for a chance to win two tickets to the Virginia Air and Space Center (which includes an IMAX film).

The winner of the trivia contest will be announced on Coast Live every Friday at 10 a.m.

Even if you get the answer wrong you will still be entered in a drawing where someone will win a family membership to the Virginia Air and Space Center.

Presented by The Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton