Virginia Beach families scared after man walks into home

Posted at 5:00 PM, Feb 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-16 17:46:20-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.- Families in a neighborhood in Virginia Beach say they are on edge.

Mother of three Christina Sherman says she hasn't slept in days.

She and her husband were at a grocery store when they got a frightening call from their daughter.

"She was frantic. She said, 'Oh my God, mom, there was this man at the door - he kept telling me he knew you guys,'" Sherman said

14-year-old Shyann Closson was at home waiting to help her brothers off the bus.

She says the man came up to the back door and said he knew her dad, telling her he worked with him and insisted he wait inside.

"Where do you work then? I didn't tell him, but my dad had literally a week ago got a new job. So as soon as I said that, he just started running," Closson said.

The incident rattled the family.

Sherman says she never expected him to return.

"I instantly starting yelling because it didn't even dawn on me. Thinking it's the kids, 'Boys are you up? Cameron is that you?' When nobody responded, I am screaming, 'Joe, somebody is in the house!'" Sherman said.

When she got up, she says the same man her daughter described was running out her back door.

Sherman says she described the man to police - about 5'8" and Caucasian with shaggy brown hair.

She says police told her to lock her doors and keep a close eye out for anyone suspicious.

One of her neighbors told Sherman a man with the same description had walked into her family's home.

Now Sherman is warning other parents to lock their doors and watch their kids.

"The way that he was talking to her and the things he was saying is exactly what I learned in school as a safety school as a teenage girl: 'Is your mom and dad home?'" Sherman said.