Man arrested after girl finds child pornography on borrowed Apple Watch

Posted at 2:47 PM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 14:47:54-05

BETHANY, Okla. – An Oklahoma man was arrested after an 11-year-old girl made a distrubing discovery on the Apple Watch she borrowed from him, according to police.

David Orozco was booked on charges of possessing child pornography, manufacturing child pornography, and lewd acts with a child.

According to court documents, Orozco loaned his 11-year-old relative his Apple Watch.

“An underage female, borrowed an iPhone watch from the suspect, not knowing there was child pornography on it,” Lt. Angelo Orefice with Bethany Police told KFOR. “She was trying to text message and it came up.”

The girl told her mother and her mother called police.

“We went to the suspect’s business and asked him if he would come up here to the police department to give us a statement,” said Lt. Orefice.

According to the affidavit, Orozco said there were “likely more images of nude children still on his phone” and “he has looked at numerous images of nude children via the internet over the last year.”

“We located over 1,500 images of child pornography and I think, approximately, it was 210 videos,” said Lt. Orefice.

Investigators also say Orozco was “manufacturing” child pornography by using hidden cameras to take videos of minors. In some videos, authorities say he can be seen testing out the cameras.

Through the investigation, authorities say a 13-year-old girl also claimed that Orozco sexually assaulted her.

Lt. Orefice says the girl who reported the photo on the Apple Watch did the right thing by telling her mom.

“Just by downloading and extracting his phone, we were able to get over 250 to 300 different names,” he said.