Hampton University releases statement addressing students’ complaints after town hall meeting, vows to ‘move forward’

Posted at 9:11 PM, Feb 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-22 21:24:53-05

HAMPTON, Va. – Following Tuesday’s town hall meeting during which Hampton University students voiced concerns about a number of unresolved issues, the school has vowed to “move forward” and find solutions to their complaints.

In a statement released Thursday, Student Government Association President Martha Baye said HU President Dr. William H. Harvey called a meeting with Hampton University Student Leaders and members of the Administration to discuss some of the issues that were brought up at the town hall.

These issues included how sexual assault reports were handled on campus, social issues and the quality of food and facilities.

Addressing the complaint that the university fails to efficiently handle reports of sexual assault, Baye said the school’s Title IX Coordinator provided students present at Thursday’s meeting with an overview of the process of reporting incidents. Those present were also assured that all reports were submitted to the university’s Office of Title IX and were handled according to federal guidelines.

Starting in March, the university will implement a Food Services Working Group consisting of about 10 students who will meet once a month and address issues concerning food quality, facility maintenance and health inspections. According to Baye, the group will regularly relay the results from all health inspections to the student body.

Following up on students’ displeasure with the conditions of various facilities on campus, the statement also said the university will hire a reputable independent company to inspect mold and mildew in every residence hall, including individual rooms and common areas by March 1. The contract will include timelines for work to be completed, and students will be able to submit any repairs, maintenance requests and suggestions to the Student Government Association vice president.

“We are pleased to present these solutions in collaboration with elected student leaders and the Administration to the student body and alumni as an active effort to bridge the gap,” Baye wrote. “We look forward to the progress that will be made.”

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