Virginia Beach Police investigating social media threat made towards Brandon Middle School

Posted at 11:16 PM, Mar 04, 2018

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – A spokesperson with Virginia Beach City Public Schools said Sunday that a social media threat was made toward Brandon Middle School. Below is an Alert Now message sent earlier this evening by the principal of the middle School.

Good evening. This is Mrs. McQueeney, principal of Brandon Middle School. I am calling to let you know that police are once again investigating a social media post that mentions violence at our school. Parents, this behavior must be stopped. When a child makes a threat – even as a joke – it  causes needless anxiety and fear for others. Police and prosecutors have said publicly that they are committed to finding and punishing the people responsible for making threats to schools. Unfortunately, some of our children don’t understand that. Please, take a minute to speak with your sons and daughters about the importance of using good judgement, and remind them that the consequences of poor choices will be severe. Of course, if they see or hear something concerning, it should be reported immediately to police or an adult. Thank you for your help and for your continued support of Brandon Middle School. As usual, I look forward to seeing all of our students in class tomorrow.

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