Family remembers Virginia boy who died after being pinned by fallen tree

Posted at 3:27 PM, Mar 05, 2018

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. – Family and friends gathered Sunday to remember the six-year-old boy who died after a tree fell on his home early Friday morning as powerful winds toppled trees and knocked out power.

Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton was sleeping on the top of a bunk bed he shared with siblings. His siblings were able to escape the bedroom alive, CBS 6 reported.

"She [Anthony's mom] got the girls out. She tried to get the tree off of Anthony by herself and she just couldn’t do it," Anthony's grandmother Dawn Summerfield said Friday. “She’s guilt ridden. She said, 'I just couldn’t get it off of him, I tried.'"

Summerfield said her grandson could always sense when something was wrong.

"He'd walk up to you and hug you, and he'd be like, 'It's ok.  It's ok,'” Summerfield said. “I'd give anything to have that child walk through those doors right now and tell me, 'It's ok.'”

His family remains in shock, but surrounded by a community sharing stories from Anthony's six years on earth.

Like the time he saw another kid in the Chester mobile park where he lived fall off his bike.

"He came running up to him,” a child said. “Asked if he's ok. Helped him up, and ran inside and grabbed some ice.  And gave it to him to put on his hand. And kissed his hand and told him to feel better."

His family said Anthony was filled with love and joy for the world.

They celebrated him with green balloons and Zebra cakes, two of his favorites.

While the family grapples why this happened, it is clear everyone in attendance that they will never forget the spirit and happiness Anthony brought them.

"I'm sure everyone was standing there at heavens gates waiting for that child to walk through, and I'm sure he got one of the most joyous welcomes that heaven has ever given any child ever," Summerfield said.

His family established a GoFundMe account to fund his funeral.