Two teens share life-saving advice after nearly dying in car wreck

Posted at 9:37 PM, Mar 07, 2018

FARR WEST, Utah - Two 16-year-old Utah girls almost crushed in a car crash miraculously walked away with minor injuries and now say they hope others learn from their brush with death.

“It was just really scary to think that if I were to hit the pole a little closer to me that it would have crushed us,” said Kazandra Esquivel, the 16-year-old who was behind the wheel of the Jeep that flipped and nearly folded in half.

“It scared me because I had my best friend in the car,” Kazandra said. The high school student says she wasn’t texting and wants others to know how important it is to pay attention, slow down and always buckle up.

Monday afternoon, Kazandra Esquivel was behind the wheel with her friend in the passenger seat as they drove down 2600 West North Plain City Road.

“I was going around the curve and I hit loose gravel,” Kazandra said.

Police said she was going too fast and lost control of the car, hitting a rock. The Jeep was sent crashing into a utility pole.

“It was upside down completely,” Kazandra said.

Thankfully both girls were buckled up.

“I was trying to get out of my door but it wouldn't work and I tried to kick it open and it wouldn't work so that's when I unbuckled Rachelle and she got out,” Kazandra said.

“I remember just crawling out of the car,” Rachelle Crandall, the passenger, said.

That's when Rachelle realized how close they were to being crushed.

The girls were rushed to the hospital and Kazandra’s father thought the worst and after seeing what happened.

“I cried. I couldn’t help it,” said Ervy Esquivel, Kazandra’s father.

Luckily, Kazandra walked away with a few stitches in her ear and her friend with a few bruises.

“I see the Jeep and I can't believe they're walking right now, I cannot believe that,” Ervy said.

The family learned first hand that seatbelts save lives, and Kazandra learned to slow down.

“Scary. It definitely taught me a lesson,” Kazandra said.

Kazandra’s had her license for nearly a year, so it was legal for her to have someone in the car. She was cited for careless driving.

Kazandra said it wasn't easy for her to share her story, but she hopes other drivers will learn from her mistakes.