Hands free driving bill fails to pass in Virginia General Assembly

Posted at 5:23 PM, Mar 12, 2018

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - The Virginia State Hands Free Driving bill did not pass in the House this weekend.

Drivers will still be allowed to hold phones and handheld devices, like a GPS, all while driving. However, nothing has changed when it comes to texting - that is still illegal in the state of Virginia.

The failed bill stated any person who drives a motor vehicle on any highway while using a handheld device where it can take the driver's attention away from operating the car is guilty of distracted driving.

“It takes two hands to text. There’s a big difference between talking on the phone and texting on the phone and utilizing both hands. When that becomes a hazard and when that becomes a distraction they can be pulled over for it," says Officer Linda Kuehn, Virginia Beach Police Department.

Police say distracted driving in general causes accidents and it can change not only your life but others as well in less than a split second.

“It is illegal to text while you drive. It’s illegal to use your phone for emails to check Facebook or do any of that while you’re driving. If an officer sees you doing any of that while driving, you will be cited for it," says Officer Kuehn.

Police say the biggest thing to do is just pay attention while driving, because one bad mistake can change a lot of lives forever and it's something you can't take back.