March Madness Selection Show rolls out new format, twitter erupts with criticism

Posted at 11:16 AM, Mar 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-12 11:19:34-04




ATLANTA, Ga. – “Selection Sunday” has been marked on calendars of every college basketball player and fan since the season started. The annual event lets everyone know which college basketball teams will play in the end of the season tournament for the national title. The teams are selected by an NCAA committee.

Many businesses/offices around the nation start a “bracket pool” to have fun in the workplace, which participants predict the winners of all the games for pride or a prize. It is an enjoyable way co-workers can interact and talk “smack” about their picks. Most scenarios play out like this: the winner is usually a woman at your office named Janet who works in HR and picked the teams with the cutest mascot.

The selection show, which has been on CBS for last 36 years, would usually roll out the selections with their bracket seed and opponent. The drama was quick and could be jubilant or devastating on how your favorite team was selected or rejected. The bracket would be fully revealed within the first 10-15 mins into the show.

The show was moved to TBS this season and it was announced last week that it would have a different format.  This format announced all the teams that were selected in alphabetical order.  After that, the four top number one seeds were announced, then the brackets where then revealed. The entire bracket was finally disclosed 40 minutes into the show.

Time for the twitter takes…..

There was also the addition to the show that was a first for the broadcast, a live studio audience. That was not taken very well by the at home critics.

Any way you look at how the show played out, we now know which teams are in and are going to make the madness of march. Remember you can see all of the tournament games on WTKR and  partnering stations such as TBS, TNT, TruTV, and CBS Sports Network. You can fill out your brackets here for your chance to win up to $500.  So fill out that bracket and take down Janet this year to be your office champion.