Suffolk Fire & Rescue Battalion Chief pleads guilty to charges stemming from DUI, hit and run arrest

Posted at 4:46 PM, Mar 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-12 16:46:15-04

SUFFOLK, Va. – Suffolk Fire and Rescue Chief, Owen C. Thomasson lll, plead guilty to reduced charges stemming from a DWI incident in October 2017.

Owen C. Thomasson III

Thomasson pleaded guilty to Destruction of property with intent, Reckless Driving (reduced from a DWI), Obstruction of Justice (reduced from False Report To Police) and another count of Obstruction Of Justice.

The charges in relation to a Hit and Run against Thomasson were dropped as a result of the plea deal.

For his pleading guilty to the crimes, Thomasson will serve two years of unsupervised probation, will have to take a VA Alcohol Safety Action Program and will have to have an on Operator Suspended License for one year, followed by a Restricted License for one year.

According to the City, Thomasson was not on duty at the time of the incident back on October 14, 2017.

Back on the day of the incident, a citizen notified dispatchers at 11:02 p.m. that a pickup truck had struck a utility pole in the 800 block of Wilroy Road and left the scene. When officers arrived at the scene, they found that two utility poles, two mailboxes and a bush had been struck. The vehicle in question was found unoccupied at the intersection of East Constance Road and North Main Street.Another person,

Rebecca McConnell, faces charges of failure to report an accident and misdemeanor obstruction of justice.

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