Continuing Promise 2018 gets underway in Honduras with local Sailors

Posted at 11:05 AM, Mar 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-13 17:21:33-04

HONDURAS - The Navy's Continuing Promise training mission, involving Sailors from Hampton Roads, is now underway in Honduras.

Honduras is the first of three nations where personnel involved in the mission will provide medical, environmental, veterinary, and humanitarian services in an effort to strengthen relationships.

The Virginia Beach-based USNS Spearhead is providing support for Continuing Promise 2018.

Captain Angel Cruz, Commander of Destroyer Squadron 40, is the designated Commander of Task Force 48 for the Continuing Promise Mission.

He spoke to News 3 anchor Todd Corillo via Skype from Honduras where crews are setting up a mobile tent-city and hospital to support their mission.

"It is an all hands effort. I will tell you all 220 personnel including myself are helping in setting up our tents," Captain Cruz shared.

Captain Cruz describes Continuing Promise as all about "building partnerships" and added, "I’ve been in the Navy for 27 years and [this is the] most rewarding mission I have ever done in the United States Navy."

About 15,000 patients total are expected to be treated during Continuing Promise's three nation visits in Honduras, Guatemala, and Colombia.


USNS Spearhead preparing to deploy as part of Continuing Promise