Guests report items stolen out of locker room at Virginia Beach YMCA

Posted at 5:21 PM, Mar 19, 2018

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Police confirmed to News 3 officers did respond to a call for larceny at the Princess Anne YMCA around 3 p.m. Sunday.

Brynn Madamba says the locker that her son used was not locked and takes this as a lesson learned, but still hopes to have her son's birthday present returned.

"Him and friends went swimming and then they went to go play basketball for a while. They came back, looked inside the locker and he puts his jacket on and his phone's missing," says Madamba.

After reporting it to employees at the "Y," Madamba says they reviewed their surveillance cameras and caught the suspects on video.

"I activated 'Find My iPhone.' When we noticed it was missing, the first thing I did was call it, and that's how I kind of knew it was stolen because the phone was off. The 'Find My iPhone' doesn't work until it's turned on, and they haven't turned it on because I have it set to notify me when it turns on," says Madamba.

The YMCA said the suspects came in as guests.

They also said as guest policy, the suspects wrote down their addresses, emails, phone numbers and even gave their photo IDs.

Madamba says she filed a police report right after she realized her son's phone was missing and she says she wasn't the only one that day from the "Y" who did.

"Come to find out they had just left here because someone else had to file a police report because their stuff had been stolen as well. Apparently, several people had stuff stolen from the lockers - one of which was a pair of car keys - and the people had gone into their car and stole stuff from their car, including their wallet," says Madamba.

The YMCA says they constantly remind their members to leave their valuables at home or keep them locked up.

Police say they are still going through the report.