SPCA needs help after cops find 286 rabbits at one home

Posted at 5:53 PM, Mar 19, 2018

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The Sacramento SPCA is in need of donations after receiving nearly 300 bunnies Friday night.

The 286 rabbits of various ages are part of an ongoing investigation and are not up for adoption, according to KTXL.

Patrol officers with the Folsom Police Department discovered the rabbits at a home on Pine Grove Way while responding to a different call. After looking over a fence and noticing what they thought were 100 rabbits, they radioed Animal Control.

"From there, the Animal Control Officer went over and was able to see that there was much more than the 100 that she believed was there," said detective Donald Rowberry.

The City of Folsom only allows for two rabbits per household.

Authorities say their living conditions were not healthy.

"The main concern was the safety of the rabbits. They were in unsanitary conditions," said Rowberry.

The shelter received multiple breeds, including Angoras, Himalayans, Lionheads and Lops, from Folsom Animal Control.

SSPCA is in need of small litter boxes, small ceramic bowls, Timothy grass/hay, rabbit water bottles, rabbit toys and rabbit cages.

Their wishlist can be found on Amazon and cash donations can be made on the SSPCA website.