Norfolk family says their 4-month-old dog was stolen from home

Posted at 10:48 PM, Mar 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-26 16:02:54-04

Update: Meaty has been found and will be reunited with his owner!

NORFOLK, Va. - A family is looking for answers after they say their English Bulldog was stolen from the backyard of their Ocean View home. 

News 3's Aleah Hordges spoke with Lauren Church, the 4-month-old dog's owner, about the alleged theft in an interview.

"Will (her husband) searched for two hours after he noticed Meaty was gone, on foot and in a car, around the area and we couldn't find Meaty," Church said.

The family believes their dog Meaty was last seen on surveillance video with the alleged thief at a Dollar General in the area.

According to the family, Meaty was stolen from his home in Ocean View on March 14, but no clues have led to who may have done it.

Police are looking for a woman they are curious in talking to as a person of interest, but have not officially identified the woman in the surveillance footage as a suspect.

Police say they're currently classifying this as a stolen dog case, although it's unclear how exactly the dog was taken from the owners backyard.

Meaty has a heart condition that requires medication, and that is a huge concern to the family.

"We're afraid that maybe someone snatched him to sell him or breed him maybe. He really shouldn't be bred though because of his condition," said Church.

The family asks for anyone who finds their four-legged friend to immediately take him to Norfolk Animal Care Center. They have also been putting up flyers of their dog.

"We really just want him home safe so we can provide the care for him that we want to. We love him."

The family asks if you have any information on the dog to please call 540-903-0732.