Oklahoma man captures 6-foot rattlesnake, has heart attack 20 minutes later

Posted at 4:38 PM, Mar 27, 2018

APACHE, Okla. – An Oklahoma man who captured a 6-foot rattlesnake during a snake hunt had a heart attack about 20 minutes later.

Over the weekend, Dennis Crow, Steve Booker and Robert Lutonsky were close to the Wichita Mountains, catching rattlesnakes for the upcoming rattlesnake festival in Apache, Oklahoma.

During their trip, they caught some huge rattlesnakes, some measuring more than 6 feet long.

Crow, 51, said he started having some trouble breathing while catching the snakes.

“First off let me say that yes i believe in God and yes also Angels,” Crow wrote on Facebook. “We were exactly 1 mile away from the pickup. I then whispered a little prayer to my maker to let me get down from the mountain and let me see my wife and kids just one more time.”

After making the hike down, Crow was taken to a local hospital where doctors told him he had suffered a heart attack.

He later underwent surgery to repair a blockage in his heart.

“Please keep me and my family in your prayers as i will begin making appointments with my Cardiologist in OKC next week,” Crow wrote. “As for now the great snake hunt will come to a bitter end until i can mend back up.”

Some of the rattlesnakes captured that weekend will be on display April 19-22nd at the local Apache Rattlesnake Festival.