‘It’s time, the baby is here, she’s coming’: Dinwiddie mom gives birth home alone

Posted at 4:41 PM, Mar 30, 2018

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -  A Dinwiddie County mom thought she knew what to expect in the days leading up to giving birth to her third child, until something unexpected happened.

According to CBS 6, Brittany Solomon was home alone on March 14, when baby Amirra decided it was time to enter the world, five days early.

Just the week before she was at the hospital with false labor pains, so this time she just laid in bed.

“The contractions were about five to seven minutes apart, and I mean, I was just fighting through the pain,” she said.

Brittany and Amirra (Photo courtesy of WTVR)

“And I felt the top of her head,” said Solomon. “Within the next I’m going to say two, three minutes, the contractions just started coming back to back one or two minutes apart.”

Solomon said she believes she misdialed 911 but managed to call her fiancé Travis.

“I’m on the phone with him actually as I am helping myself give birth to her and I scream, ‘It’s time, the baby is here, she’s coming.’”

Little Amirra was born six pounds, nine ounces.

Amirra (Photo courtesy of WTVR)

The new mom said after giving birth she walked to her bedroom to the towel closet to wrap up baby Amirra. She also had to unlock the door for the Rescue Squad.

Her fiancé Travis called 911, who then called Brittany.

“Did you have the baby, Brittany?" asked the 911 dispatcher. “Yes, I did,” Solomon responded. “OK, alright, and is she breathing?” the dispatcher continued.

Brittany and fiancé Travis (Photo courtesy of WTVR)

“Yes, she’s breathing and whining and she’s moving,” said Solomon.

That dispatcher on duty was five-year veteran Tiffany Beckles.

“I asked her how she was doing. She was a little out of breath of course, but she was so calm, she was so calm, I was pleased for that,” said Beckles.

With paramedics on the way, Beckles continuef to give support to Brittany.

Tiffany Beckles (Photo courtesy of WTVR)

“Wipe anything that’s in her mouth, alright, clean anything out, OK?” said Beckles during the 911 call.

Solomon commended Beckles for being calm on the phone and helping her during a scary situation.

“That made me feel good, I took that home with me, it’s still with me,” said Beckles.

Amirra, the beautiful and healthy baby girl, is now two weeks old.