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Teens battling illness glam up for Prom of Hope

Posted at 1:04 PM, Mar 31, 2018

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WGNO) -- Everyone probably remembers getting ready for their prom night.

One group of teens from around the Gulf region of Louisiana are glamming up for a very special prom called, "The Prom of Hope."

It's a dance held each year in New Orleans that is dedicated to giving those battling cancer and blood disorders an evening of prom-themed fun.

On Friday, over 100 hair and make-up appointments were made at BLEU, a chaib of a Blowdry Bars located in across the city and in the outskirts.

"This is kind of the pre-event before the events, so it's nice to be able to bring all of the girls together, says executive director of "What you give will grow," Dennis Lomonaco.

"These are some of the experiences that some of the girls don't get to experience, unfortunately a lot of our families are struggling with medical bills," says Lomonaco.

"What you give will grow" is a foundation inspired by Saints kicker, Thomas Morstead.

This event is a way for patients to get their minds off of their daily battles.

"It's really special at our event, the middle of the night the girls are comfortable pulling wigs off their head. Everybody knows what is going on, but nobody talks about it. The night is really about fun. We are able to provide an environment for them to just be them. During the prom, nobody is talking about cancer, nobody is talking about illnesses. It is really just a night to have fun and to enjoy themselves," says Lomonaco.