Chesapeake couple “egg” yards to raise money to adopt a child

Posted at 8:09 PM, Apr 01, 2018

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - It’s not your average Easter egg hunt.

“For us, we’re just really looking forward to the day that we’re egging our own yard and have our own little one here that we can celebrate the season with," says Greta Boyd.

Both Greta and Jeremie Boyd are in an Easter egg hunt of their own. Just last night, they went around to different family homes and put colorful Easter eggs filled with candy and trinkets for local kids. It's all to raise money in hopes of adopting their own little one very soon.

The Boyds say the average process in the US for a private adoption takes about two years. They say they’ve been on their journey for about a year now.

“Through that time, we have become home study approved. So, what that means is we’ve had to have an organization come out and inspect our home to make sure we had our criminal background checks run and everything to make sure we were okay to raise a child," says Greta Boyd.

“We have raised so far about $22,000 but on average in the US it’s about $40,000 to do a private domestic adoption. So, we’re getting there, we’re getting there," says Jeremie Boyd.

It’s a process that will be well worth the wait. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, the couple says they’ll just be happy with the fact they’ll have a family of their own.

Right now, Greta and Jeremie say they are just in the waiting process for a match. They say they can find out about their child as soon as tomorrow or the process could take up to another half a year to bring home their little one.