Bizarre UK police sketch of toothy suspect goes viral

Posted at 5:43 PM, Apr 04, 2018

WARWICKSHIRE, England – Police in a rural county in England are getting more help than they anticipated in sharing a police sketch of a toothy burglar.

No, it isn't a funny photo filter – authorities in Warwickshire say the Snapchat-esque image is a computer rendering of the suspect. The photo, which shows a man who appears to have unnaturally large, white teeth, quickly caught the attention of social media users.

The image has been shared thousands of times – mostly by people poking fun at the sketch – but Warwickshire authorities say they don't mind. "Jokes aside, it was created from a description provided and it's serious as a woman was victim of a horrible crime," the department tweeted. "Hopefully the attention will mean we identify the offender/bring him to justice quicker."

Authorities used an electronic facial identification technique, or "e-fit," to create a computer render of the burglar's face based on descriptions of his features.

Police said in a statement that two men tricked their way into a woman's Stratford-upon-Avon, England, apartment on February 5. While one distracted the 40-year-old resident, the other ransacked the home. When she realized what was happening, she ordered them out and they fled with an unspecified amount of money.

As officers continue to look for the suspects, Twitter users just can't help themselves. Here's a sampling of the laughs being had:

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crimestoppers UK.

CNN Wire contributed to this report.